Discover our collection Wood and Washi roller blinds, panel blinds, vertical banners and the Flow Top Down Bottom Up.

This exclusive Japanese window covering is uniquely distinguished from traditional window decorations. Wood and Washi window coverings are made of Japanese Washi paper which is laminated, to make  it extra strong and light permeable without people being able to see inside.
You can choose many colours of Washi paper and semi-transparent woven Washi. Wood and Washi window decorations are finished with ribs of wood, aluminium, bronze, black ribs or stainless steel, with which you can personalize your window covering.
Applicable in your home, bathroom, offices, practice rooms, gym and hotels.


The Wood and Washi window coverings collection is composed as follows:

  • Roller blinds with a chain operation or a rechargeable battery motor
  • Panel curtains with sliding panels, can also be used as a room partition
  • Vertical 250 mm slats / banners rotatable and slide-on
  • The Flow exclusive top down and bottom up system.

Play with light and shadow and create privacy whenever you need it.  Your custom Wood and Washi window coverings are produced with care in the Netherlands by professionals with a passion for their profession. Convince yourself and view the large pictures on this website or come to the Protectsun showroom at the Bos en Lommerweg 152 in Amsterdam West.
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